Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Taking a Step Forward

It's funny how life always seems to throw us a curve ball when we are in the pursuit of or dreams and destiny. It makes us reevaluate our surrounding and has us make a right turn when our goals seem to be staring us directly in the face to our left. It's happened to us all at some point and many of us never fully recover from the "big things" in life. Taking that new road changes who we are; sometimes whether or not we realize it. Many of us sit up one day and say "What the heck has happened and how in the world did I turn into this?" I had that moment last spring. I remember sitting on the couch and just melting into the cushions, a sobbing pile of mess. After a rather unflattering hour or so of my personal pity party I sat up and said to myself "I didn't chose to have these things happen to me. But I can chose to make of it what I will and it will not consume me with sadness or steal another second of my life, the way that is has been."

I recall getting up, washing my face off looking in the mirror as a tremendous feeling of empowerment came over me. That is when I decided to not let these "curve balls" knock me down. I was going to accept these events that just happened and futhermore, I would own it. Awful things happen every day to everyone. I am not special or singled out in my tragedies. What will make me special is what I do with the cards I have been dealt.

Look out world! I am back and I am bringing all my friends that will stand beside me and say "You may have tried to knock me down, but we are standing here together and we are stronger than ever!."

I decided to start this new blog as an invitation to anyone and everyone who may have been there and done that. It's sort of a support system for a group of friends that I have, and for the friendships that are in our future. We will share our stories and how our friends (locally, online and other) have supported us. I have found that the "Crafting" Community, especially the knitters, have been a huge support to me. Even though they may not have known the entire story, just having a "hello" on my post or a sweet email asking what I have been up to during my absence has been such a reminder that I do have a true path and not to let it go. Just taking the time each day to look at what everyone is up to knitting-wise and seeing their craftiness has inspired me and kept my head above the water.

I say thank you to all my crafty pals and welcome to my new endeavor, where I will be sharing crafty ideas and all the great things that I find while surfing the web. Because together there is nothing we cannot accomplish without a little Guts, Grit and a touch of Pink Lipstick. So let's all hit it head on and share some of our great finds, crafty and otherwise.

Send me a note to gutsgritandpinklipstick@cjkopec-creations.com with any ideas that you would like to share or a special story. I am all ears and we can not wait hear from you.